The nature speaks with us on thousand voices, and we only recently have started to listen it. Prigozhin, Stengers

What is zoobenthos? In most general case in science zoobenthos is understood as the group of animals living on and in the bottom sediment of various reservoirs.
This surprising group lives on the border between hydrosphere and ground and is a connecting link in biosphere. The infinite amount of the alive organisms representing zoobenthos process everything that settle on a sediment in organic substance which then again gives a life to new generations of plants and animals, possible through thousands years.

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The modern structure of zoobenthos of Transbaikalia's water bodies is determined by a wide complex of historical, geographical, ecological and other factors.
One of the main factors is the position of Transbaikalia on a watershed of the rivers Yeniseis, Lena and Amur. The cognition of zoobenthos organisms, features of their interaction with

puppae of blefaroceridae in the Aksha river

environment in conditions of Transbaikalia enables us to understand more deeply modern nature, and that nature we will live. It is possible, that the knowledge of some adaptive features of organisms will be vital nessesary to people in constantly changing environment.
Here, we will try to show only small part of a rich group of animals that lives in our region. In our days about 500 zoobenthic species of Transbaikalia's water bodies are known, however each new collecting brings us species unknown not only in Transbaikalia, but also, maybe, nowhere.

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